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    We have a highly-trained podiatrist who will give you an accurate diagnosis and provide support for your recovery. If your tendons, nails, ankle, or entire foot is hurting, Dr. Dean is the right doctor for you.
    Dr. Ruday is not only a foot and ankle specialist, but he is also an accomplished tendonitis doctor. Dr. Ruday has treated many shoulders and elbows in Bensalem, PA, and the surrounding areas.
    Our staff is attentive and knowledgeable, ensuring that your issues will be handled carefully and efficiently. Call us at (215) 752-1881 for more information.

Our Services

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Foot Doctor

With constant advancements in the medical field, medical care has become increasingly specialized. That is what makes Dr. Ruday’s work as a podiatrist and ankle specialist all the more important. Dr. Ruday can help you or your loved one with any foot or ankle injury, including tendon disorders, bone breaks, diabetic neuropathy, and more.

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Ankle Specialist

Don’t let an ankle injury hold you back. Whether you roll, twist, dislocate, or even break your ankle, Dr. Ruday is your best option for a trustworthy local podiatrist. For an experienced ankle doctor and foot doctor, please contact Dr. Dean M Ruday in Bensalem, PA today!

Tendonitis Doctor

Dr. Ruday is Bensalem, PA’s premiere podiatrist, especially when it comes to Tendonitis. Tendon disorders and injuries can often become nagging and long-lasting problems. As a foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Ruday and his staff will pay special attention to your specific injury or disorders.

Nail Doctor

Ingrown or injured toenails are a very common foot injury and should be treated by a proper foot doctor. Dr. Ruday not only specializes in things like tendon disorders and diabetic neuropathy, but also in toenail injuries. If you have toenail issues or injuries, contact Dr. Dean M Ruday in Bensalem, PA, for more information today.

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I had my first office visit today with Dr.Ruday. It was a very nice experience. Dr Ruday was very kind and professional did a wonderful job, my feet never felt so good. He was very pleasant and made feel like I have been his patient for years. The office staff was also very helpful and pleasant.

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